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The cloud-native data integration platform with built-in data quality, data accuracy, and data governance.

Naveego’s Complete Data Accuracy Platform™

Seamlessly integrates all your stored data into a single business-centric format to make clean, analytics-ready data available to your entire organization on-demand.


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No-code, low-code platform. We've done the heavy lifting for you - just configure and go.


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Let your engineers stay focused on what matters and start analyzing immediately.


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Up and running fast in all the major cloud providers. Deploy in our cloud, your cloud or on premise.

Your data, when you need it

Make your data useful to every member of your
organization in 4 quick steps.
Seamlessly connect
seamlessly-connect Seamlessly connect to any data source.
Define your model
define-your-model Our intuitive interface helps you define the best data model for your business.
Build The Golden Record
build-the-golden-record Algorithms merge all of your data into a clean, master form, unified by a common language.
Clean your data
clean-your-data Sync all your data to the master form, making all your data analytics-ready—no matter where it’s stored or when it was gathered.
Ariel Kelman Chief Marketing Officer at Oracle
“Today businesses make decisions with more data than ever before. Oracle has a long history of helping businesses extract value from their data and we see Naveego’s cloud-native technology, backed by Oracle Cloud, as complementary to our vision of ensuring businesses are building their futures on top of highly accurate, and readily available data.”
Carl Olofson Research Vice President for Data Management Software Research at IDC
“Covid-19 has transformed how we currently live and work. A vast number of employees are working remotely and need access to critical business information to do their jobs. Data accuracy solutions like Naveego are playing an important role in the digital transformation process by allowing end-users seamlessly to access and gain critical insight from all data sources while ensuring bad data is captured, cleansed and normalized. This enables rapid business decisions they can trust.”
Jamal Syed Chief Executive Officer at HEXstream
The #1 blocker to data analytics success is that the data feeding into analytics often is not integrated, contains errors and is just not ready to answer the business questions posed. We added KOIOSTM Powered by Naveego(R) to our solution set to solve data quality and management problems for our customers so that their data is ready for our real-time analytics.
Mike Matchett Founder of the Small World Big Data Consultancy
Implementing data quality and governance solutions usually requires big projects with lots of experts, custom scripting and time. Naveego is aiming to provide a different approach with data integration features from a cloud-oriented mindset, which is more aligned with simply subscribing to a service, The best approach to data, and data consumption for analytics and machine learning is to integrate and fold in all sources of data that could be advantageous,
William Cummings Executive Director of EnerHub at Stonebridge Consulting
“Naveego’s best-of-breed platform addresses the critical challenge of integrating data from acquired assets into core financial and production systems, head-on.”
Michael Ger General Manager of Automotive and Manufacturing Solutions at Cloudera
“The Naveego data accuracy platform is critical for enabling traditional approaches to business intelligence as well as modern-day big data analytics. The reason for this is clear – actionable insights start with clean data, and that's exactly what the Naveego® platform delivers.”
Ryan Winn CISO & System Director at Munson Healthcare
“Naveego streamlines our data integration projects, keeps data clean and consistent across our healthcare system, and helps Munson to meet data management compliance requirements.”
Paul Orfanos President of Mondelio
“Mondelio provides expertise in data modeling and predictive analytics. Our customers need to be able to trust their dashboards and analytics results. We added Naveego to our solution set because Naveego‘s platform provides accurate analytics-ready data from across an entire enterprise in real-time, which our customers can securely rely on for ‘bet the company’ decisions.”
Chief Marketing Officer at Oracle
Research Vice President for Data Management Software Research at IDC
Chief Executive Officer at HEXstream
Founder of the Small World Big Data Consultancy
Executive Director of EnerHub at Stonebridge Consulting
General Manager of Automotive and Manufacturing Solutions at Cloudera
CISO & System Director at Munson Healthcare
President of Mondelio

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