Data Analytics

Easily navigate the data quality challenges associated with digital transformation and data governance initiatives

Unify all your data into one optimal form
Integrate data from any source, easing acquisition
Power your dashboards with reliably clean data

Naveego’s Complete Data Accuracy Platform™ helps your organization:

  • Integration

    • Implement high-quality data lakes
    • Integrate data post-acquisition
    • Build a true 360-degree view of your data, no matter where it’s stored
    • Integrate and normalize IoT data
    • Apply auto-mapping
    • Become ETL Verified


  • Analytics

    • Accelerate self-service Business Intelligence and Analytics
    • Ensure data quality in analytical data sets
    • Automate reference data
    • Create data visualizations faster
    • Build reliable performance (KPI) dashboards
Jamal Syed Chief Executive Officer at HEXstream
The #1 blocker to data analytics success is that the data feeding into analytics often is not integrated, contains errors and is just not ready to answer the business questions posed. We added KOIOSTM Powered by Naveego(R) to our solution set to solve data quality and management problems for our customers so that their data is ready for our real-time analytics.
Paul Orfanos President of Mondelio
“Mondelio provides expertise in data modeling and predictive analytics. Our customers need to be able to trust their dashboards and analytics results. We added Naveego to our solution set because Naveego‘s platform provides accurate analytics-ready data from across an entire enterprise in real-time, which our customers can securely rely on for ‘bet the company’ decisions.”
Chief Executive Officer at HEXstream
President of Mondelio